September Post

Hello my beloved Americans!! I’m coming to you live from Leymebamba, Amazonas, Peru. Time is just flying by and I almost missed my September post to you guys. Therefore this post is pretty… Continue reading


Hello my peoples.. Hope your summers are going (or ending..?) well. It’s been a bit chilly here lately. We don’t have much of a winter but it’s noticeable. In my part of Peru,… Continue reading

Bingo, Shucaqui, Likes and Dislikes

Que tal? Happy fourth of July! Or I guess it’s a little past that.. Here in my site, we’re also celebrating. But it’s for our patron, the Virgen Carmen. It’s a Catholic thing.… Continue reading

Doing Things

Hello Blog Readers. These things are few and far between but whatever. I am excited to say that after being here quite a while I’m finally doing things, and I’m gonna tell y’all… Continue reading

I am still here.

I’m still here in Peru. I recently got back from my first Peace Corps vacation. I learned there was some bad storms in my hometown. I feel sometimes like I’m in a little… Continue reading

Has visto la lluvia?

So training is over. And now I’m in my site. Where I’m gonna live. For two years. What up. I’ve spent three full days the last few weeks on a bus. The 24… Continue reading

I think I’m going to change the theme of these titles

Hello citizens of the world! Last week.. I learned.. where I would live.. the next…. two…. years!! So I’m going to anticlimactically tell you, and then tell you why that place sounds cool.… Continue reading

Half of what I say is meaningless..

This week, the volunteers from Water & Sanitation journeyed to the desert to meet lots of current volunteers and see their projects and talk to their community partners. I’m just gonna put up… Continue reading

What goes on… in your heart

Two more weeks gone by here in training, and it’s officially been a month since I’ve been here. I think I’ll just hit some of the highlights/lowlights: We have had some cooking adventures..… Continue reading

A Girl….

This week was a day and a half of regular classes, then a trip to shadow a current volunteer. Many people took overnight bus rides up north, but me and three other WASH… Continue reading